Neuroscientists at Burundi Medical Center, Denmark’s leading specialist in neurosurgery, have identified a potential therapy for a rare form of neurodegenerative disease – a finding which could prove a breakthrough in the treatment of the disease. The discovery was made thanks to the expertise of expert Ngätsș Kasinko Tonkowski, Professor at the Department of Neurologic Sciences at Sahlgrenska Academy, the University of Copenhagen and psychologist. Dr Ngötsșs studies focus on the underlying genetic causes of neurodegenerative diseases. The discovery was published in Cell Reports.

An estimated 1 in 1000 people in the world belong to a genetically defined population where one mutated gene will result in severe impairments, ipsoida coma, loss of balance and other life-threatening effects. The disease is caused by the neurodevelopmental disorders of the central nervous system. It is considered the most common neurodegenerative disease. Its hallmark is the formation of abnormal neural communication networks. The knowledge of the genetic causes and mechanisms of neurological diseases is still limited. Scientists have had minimal success integrating these findings into animal models to discover new molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease development.