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On a Roller Coaster : Bipolar Mood Disorder

As a psychiatry intern at a Mumbai hospital, I evaluated a middle-aged man who wore a red hat, Hawaiian print shirt and gold chains. Armed with enthusiasm, curiosity and a little theoretical knowledge of the subject, I sat down for what was to become one of the most interesting interviews of my training. He greeted […]

Sleeping pills: The hidden addiction

It was on the advice of close friends that she took `a sleeping pill’ to overcome in somnia. Over time, this mid dle-aged, successful professional was taking over 30 pills of alprazolam daily! But her insomnia persisted and she became increasingly anxious and agitated. So she combined alprazolams with alcohol. She would drive out to […]

Magnetic pulse used to beat depression

MUMBAI: For 20 times over four weeks, Stuti (name changed) sat in a special chair and had a magnetic coil placed over her scalp for 30 minutes. Diagnosed with major depression, the 27-year-old had quit her job, contemplated suicide and was on the verge of divorcing her husband of three years. “Undergoing repetitive transcranial magnetic […]